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Commitment to Compliance & Risk Management

As a patient-centric specialty physician group, OOMC partners with our affiliated clinicians and community providers in focusing on the needs of our patients and creating positive patient experiences. We are committed to providing patients with high quality and caring medical services, but also providing those services pursuant to the highest ethical, business and legal standards. These high standards must apply to our interactions with everyone with whom we deal – our patients, other health care providers, companies with whom we do business, government entities to whom we report, and the public and private entities from whom reimbursement for services is sought and received. While the legal rules are very important, we must hold ourselves up to even higher ethical standards.

To that extent, OOMC established centralized Corporate Compliance and Risk Management Departments. Our team ensures that OOMC implements and maintains an effective compliance program that includes seven key elements required by Federal Guidance and State laws.

Given the complex legal environment in which we operate, OOMC has adopted a comprehensive set of compliance policies and procedures that expand upon, or supplement, many of the principles articulated in the Code of Conduct and proven risk management strategies and insurance coverage, where appropriate.

Our Risk Management Department exists to support our practices’ mission of promoting education and delivery of excellent patient care through a combination of risk identification, mitigation, prevention, and control activities. Our goal is to provide ethical and timely risk management resources to our internal customers by continuously evaluating and improving performance.

For more information or questions regarding Compliance & Risk, please contact:

Regina F. Gurvich, MBA, CHC
Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer
Phone: 732-510-2588

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